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Broken Water Line - D.Dr.West


On Wednesday, July 28, 2020, a broken water line was discovered on Diamondhead Drive West between Pokai St. and Kino St.  Water service will be temporarily interrupted only for the residents in this section as repairs are being performed. Only the residents in this section will be notified via door-to-door and will receive a Shutdown Notice and a Precautionary Boil Water Notifice.

Other residents may be indirectly effected by the disruption of the water system due to operating shut off valves and experiencing "stained, brown, or rusty" water.  This may be easily remedied by "flushing" your lines.  Run tub faucets or outside hose spigots for a few minutes in order to clear up the water. If issues persist or you are unable to run faucets, contact the Diamondhead Water & Sewer District office (228-255-5813) for assistance.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation as crews work diligently to repair this issue.