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Call the Source Before Posting...

To answer some recent questions...Note: Facebook posts are not a call for service and will not be considered as such.

1.) The DWSD office and all operations have continued to be staffed and in full operation with a few precautionary changes to prevent spread of COVID-19.  The office has never "closed down" but is closed to the public, same as all County and City offices. As previoulsy stated, AND posted on the front door, we will make an appointment for individuals as needed. Most issues may be handled over the phone or electronically. A simple phone call can solve a lot of issues and prevent FAKE NEWS and false claims.  (call 255-5813 for water & sewer service in Diamondhead) Due to a high volume of calls, please be patient.

2.) The new AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Kamstrup water meters were installed during summer/fall of 2019 and completed in December 2019.  These technologically advanced meters are accurate withinn .015 gallons.  Simply put, if water runs through the meter it will be accounted for accurately and charged accordingly. Exactly the same as your electric service meter.

3.) During March and April we have seen an increase in consumption due to customers being at home and using more water.

4.) Our helpful staff will assist you in determining if there may be a possible leak based on the digital report which may be generated by the "smart meter" technology. (228-255-5813)

5.) LATE FEES ARE WAIVED for March and April.

6.) Please call if you have an issue.


Thank you,

David Carden, General Manager