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Emergency District Meeting


Pursuant to the provisions of Miss. Code Ann. 25-41-13 (1), (1972), as amended, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Diamondhead Water and  Sewer District has called for an Emergency Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to take place on:

Wednesday, March 25, 2020, AT 11:30 A.M. in District Conference Room

Diamondhead Water & Sewer District

4425 Park Ten Drive

Diamondhead, Mississippi 39525

Commissioners are encouraged to participate in the meeting  via  telephone. Attendance will be limited to ten (10) people and distancing protocol will be in place according to CDC Guidelines. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on DWSD Website.

The meeting may be viewed on Diamondhead Water & Sewer District's Facebook page.

THE PURPOSE OF THE MEETING  IS TO DISCUSS AND/OR TAKE ACTION REGARDING THE DECLARATION OF A PROCLAMATION OF THE EXISTENCE OF A LOCAL EMERGENCY caused by the spread of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, within Mississippi and surrounding areas and the potential impacts thereof (illness and death) which threaten to commence in and impact an area that includes Diamondhead, Hancock County and the State of Mississippi; and for related purposes.


 John Kirschenbaum, Chairman

Time:       11:30am

Date:      3/23/2020